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Providing the nutrition you need to achieve your goals.




Welcome to eating right. 

Our Meals are designed to give you the highest quality nutrition you need to power through your long days and 9Round sessions. 

All recipes are created for the 9Round everyday and during challenges. 9Round is approved by the team to help you stay on track, allowing you to focus on crushing your goals. Place your orders by Thursday Midnight and get your meals delivered to you Sunday/Monday!

Effortless Eating for Your Fitness Journey

FitMeal’s meal delivery service is designed to give you the high-quality nutrition you need to pair with your 9Round workouts, so you can work toward your fitness goals with confidence.


All recipes are carefully curated with the best ingredients for a macro-balanced meal that delivers what you need to face any challenge—all without the hassle of traditional meal prep. As 9Round’s official Canadian meal service partner for the “Fight for It” 30-Day Challenge, we are here to help you stay on track with your healthy eating to help you crush your challenge goals.


Place your orders by each Thursday at midnight to get your meals delivered to you on Sunday or Monday within the GTA, or for a Tuesday delivery out of Ontario province.

Browse our Meals 

Choose from Weight Loss, Muscle Gain,

Keto, or Vegan packages.

Enjoy ready-to-heat meals anywhere!

Bring your meals anywhere and eat them anytime as they come in a compact container that can be reused and recycled.

Store food to keep freshness

All meals are delivered fresh, never frozen. Meals will keep nicely for 4-5 days if kept refrigerated below 40°F. Meals can be kept frozen for up to 3 months.

Place your order and we'll deliver!

All of our meals are cooked, packaged, delivered to your door and ready to eat.

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